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Once you have decided on an image you will need to contact us to arrange a licence fee. This fee will depend on how you intend to use the image.

How do I pay?
Payments can be made using PayPal or bank transfer.

How long is delivery time?
We aim to provide a fast, efficient service and fulfil orders within five working days.

Licence, what is this and how does it work?
All images on are copyright protected. This means in order to use any of our images you'll need to buy a licence.

How much will a licence cost?
The licence fee depends on how you are going to use the image, ranging from one-off use to worldwide advertising campaign.

Different image same fee?
All images are the same price, it's the licence fee that varies.

Once I pay a licence fee for an image, can I use it again and again?
No, the licence fee only covers you for how you intended to use the image, as stated on your invoice. If you decided to use the image again then a separate licence fee must be arranged.

Are any of the images available royalty free?

What file formats do you supply?
Generally images are supplied as TIFF's. However, other image formats may be catered for upon request.

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